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Workshop on "Police Framework in working with the victims of crime"

This workshop, organized by the Law Enforcement Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia for the staff of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) will contribute to drafting of information referral system for the victims of crime and examination of MoI internal mechanisms and procedures.


The Ministry of Interior staff will be provided with 4 day workshop to tackle the issues that the Serbian MoI staff identified as necessary during 2011. The results of the workshop are expected to be a drafting of information referral system for the victims of crime and examination of MoI internal mechanism and procedures.

The focus of the activity is on wide spectrum of crimes that the police deals with. Apart from these results the participants will receive valuable knowledge and skills to implement in their daily work. 19 participants are representatives of various lines of policing, namely uniform police, traffic, border, criminal investigation, internal affairs, and representatives of police training Directorate etc.

The facilitators of the workshop are Serbian none profit organization Victimology Society of Serbia and Swedish none profit organization Tryggare Sverige with extensive experiences in supporting the victims of crime. This event is step forward after publication of Victims of Crime book which reflects on the situation at both international and national, Serbian level.



20 March 2012 - 23 March 2012

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References Crime Victims: International and Serbian PerspectiveCrime Victims: International and Serbian Perspective Reports, research papers and legal documents

SOURCE LINK: OSCE\Mission to Serbia http://www.osce.org/serbia


SOURCE LINK: OSCE\Mission to Serbia

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