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Annual Meeting of the OSCE Border Security and Management National Focal Points Network

The meeting will focus on taking stock of the past decade of implementing the NFP Network Terms of Reference and to brainstorm on new and innovative ways to further advance the implementation of the OSCE Border Security and Management Concept by OSCE pS.

Краткое содержание

The meeting will be organized by the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship and the Transnational Threats Department/Border Security and Management Unit (TNTD/BSMU), in Vienna, Austria. The event focuses on the conclusions of previous annual meetings and is in line with the 2017 Austrian OSCE Chairmanship priorities.

Meeting Objectives:

  • Analyse emerging threats and risks related to border security and management issues and assess available international, regional and cross border co-operation mechanisms to address them;
  • Analyse migration related challenges in the OSCE region and beyond;
  • Define and discuss the role of customs services in preventing and countering terrorism;
  • Share best practices and lessons learnt in detecting potential foreign terrorist fighters at the border;
  • Take stock of the implementation of the BSMC provision to “promote high standards in border services and competent national structures”, namely focusing on such thematic areas as: (1) countering corruption in border security and management; (2) use of information exchange technologies; (3) education and training in border security and management; (4) promoting gender equality in border security and management;
  • Define gaps and agree on potential countermeasures in combating various types of illicit cross-border trafficking;
  • Discuss the emerging phenomenon of trafficking in cultural property and potential ways to improve co-operation on a national and regional level to address it;
  • Discuss and develop recommendations on how mechanisms for co-operation on border security at a national, regional and international level can be improved, especially between border guard/police and other services involved in border security and management; and
  • Discuss on-going initiatives and agree on future activities.

The meeting is open for officially designated NFPs, relevant national experts as well as representatives of the OSCE field operations that address border security and management issues in their host country and officials from international and regional organizations dealing with relevant issues that are willing to contribute to the discussions.


27 Март 2017 - 28 Март 2017

ОБСЕ\Департамент по транснациональным угрозам\Отдел по вопросам безопасности и управлению границами

Безопасность границ и управление границамиБезопасность границ и управление границами

Vienna, Austria

Международные организации,
Сотрудники ОБСЕ,

Concept and agenda [Английский] (676.06 Кб) Concept and agenda [Английский] (Формат: PDF) http://polis.osce.org/library/view?item_id=5483&attach_id=4999

Организатор: ОБСЕ\Департамент по транснациональным угрозам\Отдел по вопросам безопасности и управлению границами http://www.osce.org/what/borders

Март 2017

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