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Accès à la justice - Les tribunaux

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1ère partie du secteur intitulé "Accès à la justice" de la compilation d'outils d'évaluation de la justice pénale produite par l'Office des Nations Unies contre la drogue et le crime (ONUDC) en étroite collaboration avec l'Unité pour les questions stratégiques de police de l'OSCE (SPMU).


This tool guides the assessment of the management and operation of courts, with a focus on access to justice by members of the public. In conducting assessments of the judicial system’s role in the criminal justice system, the assessor should use this tool in conjunction with Access to Justice: The Independence, Impartiality, and Integrity of the Judiciary.

A functioning court system is an integral part of a functioning criminal justice system. The management of the courts must be efficient and effective so that the criminal caseload can be adjudicated fairly, appropriately, and promptly. In many systems, judicial officers are involved in the day-to-day administration of courts, yet it is recognized that too heavy an administrative burden on judicial officers may result in a loss of efficiency. In some systems, court managers have been delegated decision-making authority on operational matters in the courts. A delicate balance must be struck between alleviating judicial officers of unnecessary administrative duties on the one hand, and avoiding the risk of interfering with the independence of the judiciary on the other.

Because courts are also repositories of information whose integrity must be maintained, registry officials (sometimes called court clerks), in addition to court managers, may also be involved in court management, particularly in relation to information management functions. Record keeping, the transcribing of cases, the publication of law reports, as well as the preservation of evidence all depend on good information management systems and provide the basis for management of the caseload.

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15 novembre 2006


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The Courts [Anglais] (541.66 KO) The Courts [Anglais] (Format: PDF)
Суды [Russe] (640.79 KO) Суды [Russe] (Format: PDF)

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The Courts [Anglais] (541.66 KO) The Courts [Anglais] (Format: PDF)
Суды [Russe] (640.79 KO) Суды [Russe] (Format: PDF)