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Report of the Workshop on “Seizing, Confiscating and Sharing / Returning of Proceeds / Instrumentalities of Crime Transferred to Foreign Jurisdictions”

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Published on: 22 July 2008
This report, produced by the SPMU, provides an overview of the workshop that took place in Vienna on 9-11 July 2008 as well as recommendations by the participants. The primary goal was to improve national and international legal co-operation and information exchange between the investigative agencies and central authorities.

Subject: Organized crimeOrganized crime, Money launderingMoney laundering, Criminal justice systemCriminal justice system, Search and seizureSearch and seizure, International lawInternational law, Police-related laws and regulationsPolice-related laws and regulations
Category: Reports, research papers and legal documents in Central Asia

Report [English] (51.08 Kb)
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