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Workshop on democratic policing: police powers and oversight mechanisms, Minsk, Belarus

16 September 2009 - 17 September 2009
This workshop aims at raising awareness of the good law enforcement practices and gaps identified among practitioners of the criminal justice system, policy makers and decision-making structures of relevant Ministries, as well as to identify recommendations for the implementation of these good practices into daily work.

Subject: Arrest and detentionArrest and detention, Use of forceUse of force, Oversight, accountabilityOversight, accountability
Category: Conferences and meetings in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Caucasus

Workshop procedures [English] (42.71 Kb)
Порядок проведения рабочего совещания [Russian] (140.25 Kb)
Аннотированная повестка дня [Russian] (173.17 Kb)
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Seminar on identification, assistance and protection of trafficked persons within the National Referral System, Chisinau, Moldova

27 May 2009 - 29 May 2009
The purpose of this 3-day seminar was to share expert experiences and discuss possible solutions to local problems.

Subject: Human traffickingHuman trafficking, VictimsVictims
Category: Conferences and meetings in Moldova

Agenda [English] (159.05 Kb)

International Conference on the child alert systems in EU member states, Prague, Czech Republic

19 May 2009 - 19 May 2009
The main purpose of the conference is to share best practices and experience and contribute to developing and improving of systems on the national level

Subject: Crimes against childrenCrimes against children, CitizensCitizens
Category: Conferences and meetings in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal

Invitation [English] (77.56 Kb)
Registration form [English] (16.18 Kb)

Training of trainers on behaviour skills at Minsk Police Training Centre, Minsk, Belarus

4 August 2008 - 8 August 2008
The five-day training course was aimed at enhancing the Police Training Centre's curriculum by introducing modern concepts of necessary communication and behaviour skills, in order to better enable police cadets in their future professional interactions and communication with the population. The course was designed to train police trainers (train-the-trainer scheme) who will be using the acquired skills and knowledge for training their police cadets at the Police Training Centre.

Subject: Community policingCommunity policing, Training and educationTraining and education
Category: Conferences and meetings in Belarus

European Serious Organised Crime Conference "Common Understanding, Common Threat, Common Response"

4 March 2008 - 6 March 2008
This innovative international conference on serious organised crime aims to build links and capacity throughout Europe, disseminate and discuss the development of police forces and techniques

Subject: Organized crimeOrganized crime
Category: Conferences and meetings in Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Western Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe

Draft agenda [English] (25.03 Kb)
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