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2005 Eurobarometer survey on Safer Internet

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Published on: 1 May 2006
The Eurobarometer survey presents the attitude of European Union citizens towards illegal and harmful content on the Internet and their knowledge of how to protect their children against it. It covers 25 Member States, candidate and acceding countries and was conducted in December 2005.

Subject: Crimes against childrenCrimes against children, Sex crimesSex crimes, CybercrimeCybercrime
Category: Reports, research papers and legal documents in Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal

2005 Eurobarometer survey on Safer Internet [English] (519.39 Kb)
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