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Partnership with POLIS

The OSCE Secretariat Transnational Threats Department (TNTD) actively promotes international police co-operation and tries to make best use of POLIS as an online platform for facilitating such co-operation and for establishing a virtual community of policing experts. The SPMU is interested in joining efforts with national and international actors in the field of policing in building, maintaining and expanding such online community.

The TNTD strives to establish partnership with national police organizations, police academies and international organizations with a view to sharing training materials and curricula, best practices and lessons learned as well as to promoting events and publications that may be of interest for policing professionals in the OSCE area and beyond.

OSCE TNTD is proud to have already signed partnership agreements with the following police training institutions and organizations:

INPROL — International Network to Promote the Rule of Law

Turkish National Police Academy

Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia