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2018 OSCE-wide Conference on Cyber/ICT Security, Rome, Italy

Cyber security


This conference, organized by the Italian OSCE Chairmanship with the support of the OSCE’s Co-ordination Cell of the Transnational Threats Department (TNTD/CC), aims to provide a platform to exchange views and perspectives on the latest cyber/ICT security developments amongst relevant OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation and raise awareness and discuss international cyber stability measures including the OSCE cyber/ICT confidence-building measures (CBMs), as well as how they can be deployed effectively.


Through the adoption of 16 Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), the OSCE plays a unique and pioneering role in reducing the risks of conflict stemming from the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICTs).

Currently, a key priority for participating States is the implementation of the CBMs as was highlighted in the recent Ministerial Council Decision No. 5/17 of 8 December 2017. To this end the Informal Working Group (IWG) established by PC Decision 1039 has intensified efforts to operationalize the CBMs, and various participating States are developing initiatives on driving implementation forward.

Complementing the work of the IWG, the two-day conference organized by the 2018 Italian OSCE Chairmanship with the support of the OSCE Secretariat will seek to contribute to the “meaningful implementation” of the CBMs by offering a platform for political dialogue, academic input and private sector engagement. Specifically,

  • In line with the CBM 1, the first session of the Conference will provide participating States with the opportunity to present their national views on various aspects of national and transnational threats to and in the use of ICTs. Moreover, this session will serve as a platform to exchange views on current international developments designed to promote cyber stability between States and effective ways on how the OSCE can contribute to these processes.
  • The second session will discuss new and realistic paths forward, desirable goals to strive for and emerging technological features that might help to address current international cyber/ICT security challenges. The discussion will seek to address future developments for the ongoing international cyber/ICT security policy dialogue in response to the current and evolving technological landscape.
  • The third session will focus on identifying innovative ways for enhancing cyber resilience through public-private partnerships (PPPs), with emphasis being placed on non-traditional, cutting-edge and forward-thinking ideas. Moreover, this session will serve as a platform to discuss topics such as: working with small businesses and start-ups to more effectively improve and retain cyber/ICT security expertise; establishing secondment schemes between national agencies and cyber/ICT security companies; filling cross-border gaps in cyber/ICT security expertise.


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24 Jul 2018
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department
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Rome, Italy

OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department, OSCE Chairmanship
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