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8-week Mid-Management Course


The aim of this course is to provide potential police managers at Mid-level with the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to function as police managers in a democratic society.


Participants will be taught about the general concepts of management and they will be introduced to the responsibilities of a police mid-manager, as well as the role they play in the police organisation and the community.

Comprehensive functions of police management such as appropriate leadership style, planning, organisational goals, disciplining, assessment and counselling, organising, staffing and training, time management and delegation, and co-operation with the local community will be elaborated in detail in order to help participants develop the skills they need to become effective mid-level managers. Particular attention will be paid to managers’ responsibilities in the areas of motivation, counselling, training and disciplining of subordinates. Participants will also learn about decision making and effective problem solving.

The course will be based upon maximum student centred learning. Case studies, project management, factual cases, group discussions and teamwork will be an essential part of the course. The participants are expected to continue with group work and selfstudies after the completion of the scheduled sessions each day.

The participants will be examined in the team and individually in the written project report and an oral examination in the last week of the course. The examining board will consist of high-ranking police officers from KPSS and UNMIK respectively.