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POLIS Knowledge and Learning Platform


POLIS is a comprehensive knowledge management and learning platform for information related to transnational threats and security.

POLIS knowledge and learning platform
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It consists of:

Digital Library Registration

In order to download most materials in the digital library, you must register with us. If you are a police academy student, student in a security studies programme with a law-enforcement affiliation, or a member of law enforcement, you might be eligible to access restricted materials.

As you browse, you might encounter full-access only files that are indicated with a red button like this: 

full-access file




Click on the file to begin the application process for full access. You will be requested to give one reference with a law-enforcement affiliation.

If you would like more information, please write to us (email address is below).

Scroll down on the home page to search by subject keywords or read through the "brain and circuits" graphic above. 


E-learning Registration

If you would like to take OSCE e-courses, register here. Please note that registration is different from registering for the library.

POLIS is maintained by the Transnational Threats Department of the OSCE Secretariat. 

Transnational Threats Department pages:

If you have any questions, please contact us: polis at