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Advanced training on the practices used to identify potential and presumed victims of trafficking in human beings (THB) based on early indicators


The training, developed at the request of the Association of Women in Kosovo Police, was delivered to women police officers


The training primarily focused on enhancing the knowledge and practical skills of women police officers to combat THB through the victim-oriented approach. Participants were familiarized with best investigation practices through real case scenarios that revealed the nature and phases of THB, as well as the elements that make the THB a criminal act. The Mission, committed to further empower women in the police, will continue to provide capacity building support to the women in the Kosovo Police.

Presentations include:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Indicators for Exploitation
  • Common Indicators to all forms of Exploitation
  • Indicators for Child Exploitation
  • Indicators for Criminal Exploitation
  • Indicators for Domestic Slavery
  • Indicators for Labour Exploitation
  • Indicators for Organ, Human Tissue and Blood Harvesting
  • Indicators for Sexual Exploitation
  • International Collaboration and Cooperation
  • International Conventions, Directives and Protocols on Trafficking in Human Beings