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Agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the Republic of Montenegro on trans-border police co-operation


This bilateral agreement aims at intensification of mutual relations and enhancement of the cooperation between the two border police services, as well as more effective action through joint measures, plans and actions against illegal migration, trafficking in human beings and other forms of trans-border crime.


The object of this Agreement is to enhance the co-operation between their Border Police services to prevent danger and ensure public order in border areas, particularly to prevent and detect criminal offences and violations that endanger border security, respecting at the same time Regulations that define data protection as well as their respective domestic legislationю 

The scope of this Agreement is limited to:

  • strengthen the security along the shared state borders;
  • prevent illegal migration more effectively;
  • prevent trans-border crime more effectively;
  • prevent other risks on public security more comprehensively;
  • facilitate procedures of border crossing control, and
  • strengthen the cooperation on shared state borders.