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Annual Report of the Secretary General on Police-Related Activities in 2014


This report provides an overview of the police-related programmes and projects, implemented by the OSCE executive structures, including the thematic units in the Secretariat, the institutions and the field operations, during 2014.


Police-related activities are a key element in addressing threats to security and stability in the OSCE region and an integral part of the Organization’s efforts in conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation. 

In 2014, the OSCE carried out over 1,500 projects and activities for the benefit of participating States and Partners for Co-operation, a significant increase from previous years. These activities draw on the combined strength of the OSCE institutions and its network of field operations and often cut across the OSCE’s three security dimensions.

Police-related activities are mainly delivered through institution and capacity building; advice and confidence-building; training of representatives from the criminal justice systems; facilitation of information sharing; and exchange of best practices. 

A wide range of activities aim to support law enforcement officials to develop specific competencies to counter transnational threats and organized crime. The most frequent  activities in 2014 targeted trafficking in human beings, criminal investigations, criminal analysis, illicit drugs and cybercrime. 

In relation to general police development and reform, community policing remains a major focus. Building strong police-public partnerships and relations of trust between police and the people they serve is one of the OSCE’s critical tasks in enhancing stability and the rule of law. 

The 2014 Annual Police Experts Meeting focused on legal provisions, mechanisms and tools for enhancing cross-border co-operation between law-enforcement and judicial authorities in the OSCE area. Heads of Law Enforcement Departments in OSCE field operations at their annual get-together discussed human resources requirements, better interaction between field operations and OSCE delegations and the tenth anniversary of the OSCE Gender Action Plan.