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Assessment report on the "Assessment and Change Management workshop"


This report was produced jointly by the Global Crisis and Rule of Law Development Association and the OSCE Office in Tajikistan with aim to examine the preconditions and chances for a police reform in Tajikistan.


The assessment led to the conclusion that a police reform in Tajikistan would be an essential part helping to stop corruption. It is also seen as vital for a successful fight against international organised crime like drug-trafficking and human-trafficking. Tajikistan, because of the geographical situation, is a transit country for drug-trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe.

Tajikistan is with only 18 years of independence a young state which needs definitely assistance to succeed on the way from a communistic police system (top-down oriented) to a democratic policing (bottom-up oriented) matching international police standards. After the civil war, where police was countering grave crime, a new development began. Police reform cannot be done on a short run. It will take time and it’s a long term goal but the chance to start it now is bigger than ever. There is a commitment by the police managers, in the parliament and in other state authorities to start this reform now.