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Auto theft investigation course


Materials for a 10-day train-the-trainer course, developed by OSCE Mission in Kosovo


At the end of this training, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify Vehicles that have been stolen including autos, heavy equipment (plant machinery) vehicles, motor cycles, etc.
    - Understand all aspects of vehicle identification.
    - Analysis the breakdown of a VIN number.
    - Locate a VIN number.
    - Identify a false VIN number
    - Compare and contrast false VIN number to an original VIN number
    - List other features of identification.
    - Complete practical examination and identification of a vehicle.

  2. Explain the procedures in a vehicles theft investigation used to obtain legally admissible evidence and present in Court proceedings.
    - Confirm vehicle has been reported stolen.
    - Obtain Search Warrants
    - Identify the vehicle.
    - Take Injured Party Statement.
    - Take independent witness statements
    - Take Police statements
    - Interview suspects
    - Collate photographic evidence
    - Collate forensic evidence
    - Prepare Court file

  3. Discuss proper major case management principles during a vehicle theft investigation
    - List the Principles of major case management
    - Analysis Witness statements
    - Collect evidence from the Analysis of Witness Statements
    - Create a Suspect Profile.
    - Identify unknown suspects

  4. Apply Officer Survival Techniques during Auto Theft Investigations
    - Create an Operational Brief
    - Identify equipment needed by each member of team
    - Secure the Scene/ Procedures to follow in case of resistance
    - Preservation of the Scene

  5. Describe methods used to combat Transnational Organised Crime Groups
    - Identify the trafficking routes
    - Methods of transporting stolen vehicles
    - Access to all relevant stolen vehicle database – National/International
    - Liaise with other Police Forces and Joint Operations