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Awareness program for child exploitation for work


Material for a 3-hour lesson, part of the Training Course on Community Safety Awareness Raising Programme, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo for the Kosovo Police


Kosovo Police, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the OSCE have undertaken a joint initiative to organize a pilot project on Community Safety Awareness Program.

The purpose of this program consists in raising awareness of school children about negative phenomena such as drugs, domestic violence, human trafficking and exploitation of children.

Based on this program, nominated specialised police officers in these areas will prepare the topics that will lecture in Kosovo Academy for Public Safety inVushtri/Vučitrn in order to train police officers in police stations. The trained participants with hold lectures to the students in primary and secondary schools in the municipality of Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje.

In the component of children explotation it is included the issue of exploitation of child labor in the street, so the police officers will prepare a special session devoted to this issue within the training framework.

Preparation of police officers for work and presentation of awareness on the exploitation of children for inappropriate and dangerous work, risks and preventing measures that institutions can take to protect this category.

Learning objectives:
1. Situation of Child Labour in Kosovo - the worst and dangerous forms of child labour
2. Risks and Consequences of child labour;
3. Causes influencing the use of child labour;
4. Prevention in involvement of children in the worst forms of labour;
5. Institutional and Legal Framework in regards to the child labour.