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Brochure on the protection of cultural property (in Bosnia and Herzegovina)


The brochures in 3 languages and a video spot were developed by the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina jointly with the NGO, “Centre against Trafficking in Works of Art”, with a goal to increase public awareness on the importance of cultural heritage protection and the degree of its current endangerment.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is highly susceptible to the degradation and destruction of archaeological sites, as well as to trafficking in cultural property and works of art, hindering the potential of culture to generate economic development and presenting a risk to collective memory.

It is increasingly recognized that this form of trafficking is linked to transnational organized crime and corruption networks and that its proceeds are used to finance terrorism. With the dissemination of the aforementioned materials through traditional media, social networks, and events, the general public will become better informed on what constitutes cultural heritage, the ways in which it is threatened, and how the public can help to prevent such crimes.