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Capacity Building Training for Citizen Advisory Groups


Manual for a 2-day course developed by the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje


This course is designed to contribute to the long-term effectiveness of Citizen Advisory Groups (CAGs) and Community Based Policing. The success of building positive relationships between the police and CAGs is dependent upon group meetings where citizens have the ability to communicate with police representatives as well as OSCE and local officials. The ability to bring the police and citizens together allows for the citizens to present questions regarding areas of concern and to have a qualified representative present to answer these questions and work to find solutions. By virtue of opening the lines of communication the formation of trust and positive relations are established.

It is essential that citizens have a venue to effectively and routinely communicate with police officials. The ability to voice opinions, file grievances and have officials listen to the citizens is fundamental to forging and maintaining relationships that will endure.

CAGs are an integral part of the Community Based Policing programme and are crucial to the long-term stability of the country and aim to ensure that every citizen in the former crisis area has access to their local police through an Advisory Group.

This two-day course focuses on the Partnerships and Problem Solving elements of Community Policing. The course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the Community Policing and skills necessary to improve CAGs effectiveness. Participants will understand importance of the new Law on Local Self Government in line with provisions in the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

This course is not design to be all lectures by the facilitators and simply taking notes by the participants. Rather, input from the participants is critical to our success. By sharing wining techniques, tips of the trade, and keys to success, everyone will leave with more knowledge and skills. The course is arranged to facilitate dialogue among participants. The manual provides room to take notes about key topics. Use this time to network with CAG members and share your ideas.