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Community policing in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: challenges and recommendations


This report is prepared by the Police Development Department of the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje and contains an overview of how the Community Policing concept has been developing in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, supported by PDD.


This report contains recommendations on how Community policing could be further incorporated and institutionalized within local police culture in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with regards to the implementation of the new police reforms. It gives background information of the development of the community policing concept and creation of the Citizens Advisory Groups (CAGs) countrywide.

The reader will find a reflection of some good practices used throughout this mission, enabling future police missions to use them as an example for program outlining, defining strategies and organising activities. The impact of Community Policing on establishing sustainable partnerships between police and the public, moreover the contribution of using Community policing practices to achieve Democratic policing can not be underestimated and should therefore be extended and further developed throughout the OSCE Area and Field missions.