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Consolidated Reference for OSCE anti-terrorism efforts


This Consolidated Reference contains information on international and OSCE commitments, projects and programmes related to the prevention and combating of terrorism. The Reference also can be used as an aid in conceptualizing, planning and implementing activities within the general scope of OSCE anti-terrorism goals.


As counter-terrorism is a cross-cutting issue, the Action against Terrorism Unit of the Transnational Threats Department (TNTD/ATU) compiles this reference as an effort to further strengthen its co-operation with the OSCE family in order to streamline anti-terrorism activities in relevant activities.

The Consolidated Reference is intended to be succinct and practical. It includes examples of relevant activities from Units within the TNT Department and from other OSCE executive structures that can also help partners in designing activities for countering terrorism. 

As the threat of international terrorism is not static but ever-changing, this document is updated on a yearly basis.

One important element in this year’s update is a reference to the OSCE Consolidated Framework for the Fight against Terrorism, adopted by our participating States at the 2012 Dublin Ministerial. Therefore, this year’s reference has been carefully reviewed to emphasize the content as a consolidated reference, not only for Field Operations, but for all of us towards a common goal.

Updated: March 2014