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Cooperative training to improve treatment of persons in police custody



A series of regional trainings for law enforcement, ombudsman representatives, civil society and legal professionals on the treatment of persons in the initial stages of police custody organised by the Office in Tajikistan


The trainings emphasised the rights of persons deprived of their liberty and law enforcement’s obligations to advise detained persons of their rights – and ensure their exercise. The duty of law enforcement to document a detained person’s location and status was also highlighted. 

Presentations include: 

  1. K murofiavii chinoyatii – (Criminal Procedure Code)
  2. Tart vad sharoiti habs nigohd gumon aibd sudsh – (Requirements and conditions of detention, detention suspected, accused and convicted persons)
  3. Барномаи Тренинг – (Training Programme)
  4. Дастгиркунии маъмури– (Administrative arresting)
  5. Дастгуркунии шахс – (Arresting person)
  6. Дастраси ба кумаки тибби – (Access to medical care)
  7. Дастурамал дар бораи дастгиркуни – (Guidance on arresting)
  8. КМЧ Дастгиркуни – (Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) Arresting)
  9. Конвенсияи шиканча – (Convention on Torture)
  10. Опросный лист по оценке тенинга – (Questionnaire on Training Assessment)
  11. ПБХШС (иктибос) – (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) (excerpts))
  12. ПР.ДАСТГИРКУНИ – (Arrest protocol)
  13. Пред и посттестинг участников тренинга – (Pre- and Post-evaluation of Participants of Training)
  14. презентация деятельность МГ Рашт – (Presentation of activities of monitoring group of Rasht)
  15. Программа тренинга ОБСЕ – (Training Programme of OSCE)
  16. Санад дар бораи фахмонидани хукуки дастгиршуда – (Official document on explanation of detainee rights)
  17. Санадхои байналмилали оид ба хукуки инсон дар Точикистон – (international human rights instruments in Tajikistan)
  18. Сборник НПА тадж – (Collection of Laws and Regulations)
  19. Танзими хукуки инсон хангоми дастгиркуни ЧТ – (Regulation of human rights during arrest)
  20. Хабарнома – (Notification)
  21. Эъломия (иктибос) – (Declaration (excerpt))