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Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Recommendation Rec(2005)9 on the protection of witnesses and collaborators of justice


Recommendation adopted by the Committee of Ministers at its 924th meeting.


The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers recommends that governments of member states be guided, when formulating their internal legislation and reviewing their criminal policy and practice, by the principles and measures appended to this Recommendation; and ensure that all the necessary publicity for these principles and measures is distributed to all interested bodies, such as judicial organs, investigating and prosecuting authorities, bar associations, and relevant social institutions. 

The Recommendation includes:

  1. Definitions of terms “witness”, “collaborator of justice”, “intimidation”, “anonymity”, “people close to witnesses and collaborators of justice”, “protection measures” and “protection programme”.
  2. General principles.
  3. Protection measures and programmes.
  4. International cooperation.