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Countering the Financing of Terrorism - Analysis Course for Turkmenistan

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Material (in Russian) for a three-day course for Turkmen law enforcement authorities developed as part of the multi-annual training programme by the TNTD and the UNODC.


This course aims to highlight the importance of law enforcement authorities' familiarity with the concepts of ‘Understanding’, ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Analysis’ to any activity concerning countering the financing of terrorism (CTF). Overall, it focuses on identifying and and discussing techniques and methods to assist in the successful conduct of any proactive or reactive investigation.

The course objectives are threefold:

  • Understand the use of Analysis of financial information as a lead development tool in Counter Terrorism (CT) investigations.
  • Understand and apply a number of Analytical techniques in a practical environment.
  • Recognise the importance of ‘Evaluation’ and limitations of ‘Intelligence’.

The topics of this 3-day course include:

  • Importance of Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking Exercise
  • Analysis Cycle
  • Analysis Process
  • Vulnerabilities Analysis
  • International Standards of Intelligence Grading
  • Intelligence Grading - Exercise
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Network Analysis – Exercise