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Countering the Financing of Terrorism - Foundation Course for Turkmenistan

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The material (in Russian) for a three-day course for Turkmen law enforcement authorities developed as part of the multi-annual training programme by the TNTD and the UNODC.


The aim of this course is to study national, regional and international terrorist threats, to understand the terrorist funding cycle, the financial requirements of individual terrorists and small cells as well as large transnational terrorist groups. Overall, it focuses on raising awareness of the integral role that financial investigations play in both reactive and proactive counter-terrorism operations.

The course objectives are threefold:

  1. To understand the terrorist funding cycle.
  2. To be aware of the financial requirements of terrorist organisations and the opportunities these present for disruption.
  3. To be able to recognise the various sources of financial information that can be used to add value to counter-terrorist operations.

The topics of this 3-day course include:

  • Introduction
  • Global Threats
  • National and Regional Threats
  • Requirements of the Terrorist Organization
  • National Case Study
  • Raising Funds
  • Sources of Information
  • Money Flows – Banks
  • Money Flows Money and Value Transfer Services
  • Hawala
  • Case Study – Operation Banderlog and Interactive Exercise
  • Moving Money exercise
  • Case Study – reactive CT investigation