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Countering smuggling training


Material for 2-hour lesson on cigarette, alcohol and weapon smuggling, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


In the past, crimes used to take place in local basis, but today there are many transnational organized criminal groups in all over the world. According to this, some of the crimes may be ;

  • … committed in more than one State,
  • … committed in one State but a substantial part of its preparation, planning, direction or control takes place in another State,
  • … committed in one State but involves an organized criminal group that engages in criminal activities in more than one State,
  • … committed in one State but has substantial effects in another State.

For that reason, The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime was adopted by The United Nations General Assembly in 2000. With all kinds (Smuggling of Weapon, Tobacco, Alcohol, Petrol, Goods, Migrant and Human Trafficking, Cultural Assets) smuggling is also the main instrument of transnational organized criminal groups.

Smuggling, is the illegal transportation of goods or persons in violation of applicable laws or other regulations. It may be because the goods are illegal, such as drugs or weapons, or it may be to avoid high taxes.

The goal of this lesson is to provide the participants with a brief information and understanding of the “Organized Crimes, Smuggling of Cigarette, alcohol and weapon”

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand terminology of “Smuggling of Cigarette, alcohol and weapon”
  2. Understand modus operandi of “Smuggling Crimes”