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Policing overview: On 15 December 1970, the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, by Law No. 67, instituted a Surveillance Office, which on 2 January 2002, by Law No. 374, was called "Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Città del Vaticano" (Corps of Gendarmes of Vatican City State).

Corps of Gendarmes of Vatican City State

1. Functions and missions
In accordance with Law No. 384 of 16 July 2002, the Gendarme Corps are repsonsible for the following:

  • Public safety and public order;
  • Institutional police tasks such as those at borders, in judicial and financial areas, as well as the security of people and places, the maintenance of public order and the prevention and repression of offences;
  • Providing for the safety of the Supreme Pontiff both within the State during papal ceremonies and audiences and on this journeys in Italy and in other countries.

2. Structure and organization
On 16 July 2002, Law No. 384 on the Governance of Vatican City State instituted an Office for Security Services and Civil Protection, in charge of the Gendarmerie, in the "Governatorato". In the Gendarmerie, the Inspector General is responsible for the discipline and operational activities of the corps.

The operational activities of the corps are assisted by a modern operations room for the control of Vatican City State territory and are facilitated by an advanced radio-communications system. The Gendarmerie are operational 24 hours a day, with 6 hour shifts and a total of 36 hours weekly for each gendarme.  One day of rest per week is taken by turns on successive days.

3. Staff data
The present time the Corps of Gendarmes is composed of 130 members:

  • Judiciary Police Officers (1 Inspector General, 1 Vicar Vice-Inspector, 1 Vice-Inspector, 3 Major Superintendents, 7 Superintendents, 12 Vice-Superintendents, 25 Assistants); and
  • Judiciary Police Agents (30 Vice Assistants, 50 Gendarmes).

4. Education / Training
The personnel constantly take part in training and refresher courses especially dedicated to present-day security problems.

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