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Cyber/ICT security workshop presentations


Material from a workshop on cyber/ICT security organised by the Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan in co-operation with the OSCE Transnational Threats Department


Presentations included:

Cyber/ICT security in the context of regional and international security/Cyber Diplomacy

  • Overview of global, regional and bilateral processes to enhance international cyber security (Ambassador (ret.) Daniel STAUFFACHER, President, ICT4Peace Foundation, Switzerland)
  • Efforts on how international law is applicable in cyberspace (Mr. Peter PEDAK, Advisor, International Law Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonia)
  • Building confidence between States (Mr. Karsten GEIER, Head, Cyber Policy Coordination Staff, Federal Foreign Office, Germany)

Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes

  • UK national law enforcement perspective on challenges, best practices and lessons learned in intelligence gathering, investigations and international co-operation in the field of countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes (Mr. Keith VERRALLS, Detective Inspector, Counter Terrorism Command, New Scotland Yard, United Kingdom)
  • Effective counter-narrative strategies to counter extremism online (Mr. James KEARNEY, Senior Programme Manager, Security and Counter-Extremism, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, United Kingdom)


  • National perspective on challenges, best practices and lessons learnt in cybercrime investigations (Mr. Manfred PINNEGGER, Austrian Cybercrime Competence Centre)
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers role in the fight against cybercrime (Mr. Patrick JONES, Senior Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement, ICANN)
  • The role of the INHOPE network in the fight against child sexual abuse material (Ms. Samantha WOOLFE, Global Partnerships and Development Manager, INHOPE)