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Day 2: Lesson #3.1 Legal Framework I - UNMIK Policy - KPS Policy


Material for a 45-minute lesson, part of the Domestic Violence Awareness Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School.


The goal of this lesson is to provide the participants with the opportunity to study the UNMIK/KPS domestic violence protocol system, and its mandatory-arrest model for domestic violence intervention and to consider what kind of impact there paradigms will have on their professional activity.

At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:

  1. Inform participants regarding UNMIK policy related to domestic violence.
  2. Identify six (6) advantages of UNMIK’s mandatory arrest domestic violence protocol system.
  3. Describe five of the acts defined as domestic or family violence.
  4. Understand why a policy of support for victims and witnesses in domestic violence cases is essential to successful prosecution.