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Day 2: Lesson #3.2 Legal Framework II - Country-Specific Laws


Material for a 1.5-hour lesson (2x45 min.), part of the Domestic Violence Awareness Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School.


The goal of this lesson is to look at examine country-specific laws pertaining to domestic violence cases. The lesson will be a review of the following areas: the laws of search and seizure, the rights of individuals involved in the investigation, the proper method of obtaining statements, and developing probable cause to make an arrest.

At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. List the components of the law involving domestic violence and other related violent crimes.
  2. Outline the procedures for arresting a suspect in a domestic violence investigation.
  3. Explain the procedures for handling witnesses, suspects, and defendants in a domestic violence investigation.
  4. List the different types of search and seizure and their legal requirements.