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  • Law enforcement officer programme on combating hate crime

    Mission Activity

    The goal of the programme is to provide participating States with the expertise and tools required to train their law enforcement officials to respond effectively to hate crimes and to enforce relevant hate crimes legislation.

  • Lesson #3: Arrest and Detention

    Training Material

    Material for a 2.5-hour lesson, part of the Human Rights Training course, developed by the Police Development Unit of the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje.

  • Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings


    The purposes of this Convention are to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings, protect human rights of the victims of the trafficking, design a framework for the protection and assistance of victims and witnesses.

  • Joint report by UNICEF, UNOHCHR and OSCE-ODHIR (2004)


    The report provides an overview of activities focused on the prevention of trafficking in human beings in South Eastern European Countries. The report aims to fill gaps in the previous reports by addressing the issue of prevention of trafficking in human beings, including awareness raising and re-integration processes.