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  • Police Reform within the Framework of Criminal Justice System Reform

    This Guidebook identifies the interfaces in the criminal justice process among the various institutions of the CJS and between them and other relevant governmental agencies as well as non-governmental security and justice providers and civil society. It elaborates on a number of good practices in addressing these interfaces in practical reform steps and identifies options for enhancing international co-operation in following a holistic CJS reform (CJSR) approach.

  • Enhancing co-operation among police, prosecutors and judges in the fight against transnational organised crime (Albania and Montenegro). Final project report.

    The report contains state of play information at the national and bilateral/international levels in Albania and Montenegro with regards to systems, structures, practices and mechanisms, followed by conclusions and recommendations. This is the Volume 3 in the SPMU Publication series.

  • Police and Roma and Sinti: Good Practices in Building Trust and Understanding

    This publication aims to assist participating States in implementing their commitments under the 2003 OSCE Action Plan on Improving the Situation of Roma and Sinti within the OSCE Area by identifying principles and good practices that can be used in efforts to improve relations between the police and Roma and Sinti communities. This is the Volume 9 in the SPMU Publication Series.

  • OSCE Guidebook: Intelligence-Led Policing

    This guidebook presents intelligence-led policing (ILP) as a modern and proactive law enforcement model, and a realistic alternative to traditionally reactive forms of policing for OSCE participating States. ILP, which has already been adopted in a number of countries in recent years with promising results, combines intelligence gathering, evaluation and analysis with informed decision-making procedures and mechanisms, thus providing more efficient and effective management of national law enforcement.