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  • Implementation of Police-Related Programmes – Lessons Learned in South-Eastern Europe

    This lessons learned report describes and compares the challenges the Law Enforcement Departments (LEDs) of the OSCE field operations faced when they implemented their mandates. Furthermore, the report compiles and compares the strategies and practices the LEDs applied to cope with the challenges. This is the Volume 7 in the SPMU Publication Series.

  • Good Practices in Basic Police Training – Curricula Aspects

    This guide provides police educators with a core curriculum for basic police training for recruits aiming to become uniformed police personnel in democratic societies. This is the Volume 5 in the OSCE Publication Series.

  • Good Practices in Building Police-Public Partnerships by the Senior Police Adviser to the OSCE Secretary General

    The aim of “Good Practices in Building Police-Public Partnerships” is draw together the common basic principles and characteristics of current concepts of community policing applied in the OSCE area and to reflect basic questions of what community policing is and what it is not. This book builds on the “Guidebook on Democratic Policing” and further illustrates the aspects of community policing, touched on in it. This is the Volume 4 in the OSCE Publication Series.