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  • Annual Report of the Secretary General on Police-Related Activities in 2012

    This report describes the police-related activities of the OSCE executive structures in compliance with the Ministerial and Permanent Council Decisions and Action Plans, listed in Appendix 3. The report provides information about the police-related activities of the TNTD/SPMU, other thematic units in the Secretariat, and the OSCE field operations. The HCNM and ODIHR Annual Reports on Police-Related Activities for 2012 are attached to this report in Appendix 1 and 2, respectively.

  • Police Reform within the Framework of Criminal Justice System Reform

    This Guidebook identifies the interfaces in the criminal justice process among the various institutions of the CJS and between them and other relevant governmental agencies as well as non-governmental security and justice providers and civil society. It elaborates on a number of good practices in addressing these interfaces in practical reform steps and identifies options for enhancing international co-operation in following a holistic CJS reform (CJSR) approach.

  • Guidebook on Democratic Policing by the Senior Police Adviser to the OSCE Secretary General

    The Guidebook is designed to assist OSCE staff dealing with police and law enforcement issues, police practitioners and policy-makers working to develop and strengthen democratic policing, to serve as a reference to internationally adopted standards. This is the Volume 1 in the SPMU Publication Series.

  • Annual Report of the Secretary General on Police-Related Activities in 2005

    The report provides information about police capacity and institution building undertaken by OSCE field operations in support of their respective host-State governments and describes developments in activities conducted by the SPMU.

  • Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit

    The toolkit is set of tools designed to enable interested parties to conduct comprehensive assessments of criminal justice systems and identify areas of technical assistance. It was developed by the UNODC in close co-operation with the OSCE/SPMU.