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  • Collection of policy papers on police reform in Serbia, Number 9

    This collection contains three policy studies on police reform issues: on psychological support to police officers, human rights in police education and organized crime, produced by Belgrade-based civil society researchers, supported by the OSCE Mission in Serbia

  • Youth and Hooliganism in Sports Events

    This new OSCE-publication covers the problem of youth and football violence in Serbia. It's making was supported by the Police Academy and the Interior Ministry of Serbia. It is based on a survey conducted in 25 secondary schools throughout Serbia on a sample of 3662 pupils. The survey addressed issues of football hooliganism, awareness of young people, involvement in fan groups, delinquent behaviour, alcohol and drugs abuse, and linkages to racism.

  • Key findings and outcomes of the Trans-regional workshop on enhancing co-operation in combating irregular migration and smuggling of migrants through the Western Balkans

    This report contains the main findings of the workshop, implemented in co-operation with the Government of Greece, Hellenic Presidency of the European Union, in Athens on 11-12 June 2014, represented the closing activity of this joint IOM-OSCE-UNODC project on Strengthening Understanding of the Link between Irregular Migration and Transnational Crimes Impacting Migrants in Irregular Situation