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  • Cyber/ICT security workshop presentations

    Material from a workshop on cyber/ICT security organised by the Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan in co-operation with the OSCE Transnational Threats Department

  • Countering the Financing of Terrorism - Investigation Course for Albania

    This 5-day practical training course is aimed at strengthening the capacity of government officials to work together more effectively in conducting CFT investigations. The training course includes sessions on the role of the financial intelligence unit, case management, foreign terrorist fighters, terrorist abuse of NPOs, Hawala and new payment methods. All of the scenarios and supporting materials are tailored to the particular country in consultation with national experts, which creates an impression of a real-life investigation based on areas considered a priority threat, for example in their National AML/CFT Risk Assessment.

  • Financial Disruption of Terrorist Networks - Online Training Course for Albania

    During this 4-day course that is based on the UNODC Financial Disruption Workbook, participants learn to assess and disrupt terrorism by examining terrorist networks' “business model.” Techniques such as functional analysis, auditing and vulnerabilities analysis help participants from inter-agency teams understand which financial disruption option will help them to achieve the maximum impact with a minimum of resources and negative collateral risk.