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  • Police Reform within the Framework of Criminal Justice System Reform

    This Guidebook identifies the interfaces in the criminal justice process among the various institutions of the CJS and between them and other relevant governmental agencies as well as non-governmental security and justice providers and civil society. It elaborates on a number of good practices in addressing these interfaces in practical reform steps and identifies options for enhancing international co-operation in following a holistic CJS reform (CJSR) approach.

  • Trafficking in Human Beings: Identification of Potential and Presumed Victims. A Community Policing Approach

    This guidebook calls for a new community policing approach to victim identification that would provide a solid platform for the broader involvement of various public institutions, civil society groups and community representatives in the identification of trafficked persons. This is the Volume 10 in the SPMU Publication Series.

  • UNODC Global Smart Update, Volume 5, March 2011

    Each issue of the Update contains regional overviews and a special coverage and thematic segments. The special segment of the current issue concerns South Asia, a region which has traditionally been associated with opiates, not synthetic drugs.

  • Report on the co-operation between the OSCE and UNODC to facilitate the work of the Conference of the parties to the United Nation Convention against Transnational Organised Crime

    This report was prepared in order to provide up to date information for the OSCE member States and the Partners for Co-operation regarding the status of the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime (UNTOC) and its Protocols

  • Reference Guide to Criminal Procedure

    The Guide was produced by the High Level Working Group on Criminal Procedure ("Brussels Working Group"), which was established on the initiative of the Belgian OSCE Chairmanship in 2006. This group comprised the experts from the international organisations and the national authortities of different participating States in order to reflect criminal justice systems within the OSCE area and guarantee an approach based on international law. This is the Volume 2 in the SPMU Publication Series.