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  • Network forensics training course

    2-week training course developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo for Kosovo Police Service

  • Police Ethics - For preserving and personal and professional integrity

    This handbook aims to provide the educational content that will serve as the basis for in-service training and as the supplement to basic and specialist training courses that already include lessons in police ethics. It is designed as a kind of tool and guide that will enable police officers to enhance and improve their professional, ethical and law-based conduct.

  • Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech

    This brochure intends to make a distinction between freedom of expression and hate speech, both from a terminology and a legal point of view, as well as to differentiate them from other related concepts, such as defamation and insult.

  • The Role of Capacity-Building in Police Reform

    This book is about the nature of police capacity-building and its specific role in support of the process of reform in police organizations in transition states, particularly those in a post-conflict period.

  • 8-week Mid-Management Course

    The aim of this course is to provide potential police managers at Mid-level with the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to function as police managers in a democratic society.