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  • OSCE-UNODC Regional workshop on international cooperation in criminal matters


    The purpose of this senior practitioners workshop, jointly organised by OSCE and UNODC, was to facilitate capacity building of the national criminal justice systems, with emphasis on the Central Asian region, to improve national and international legal co-operation and information exchange between the investigative agencies and central authorities from Central Asian region and other concerned countries

  • Report of the regional workshop on international co-operation in criminal matters


    This report, produced by the SPMU, contains a brief summary and conclusions and recommendations of the three modules of the workshop that took place on 20-22 July 2010 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • UNODC Handbook on effective police responses to violence against women


    This Handbook is designed to assist police officers in the prevention of, and response to, violence against women by familiarizing them with relevant international laws, norms and standards relating to violence against women and informing them about some promising practical approaches to effective police response to acts of violence against women. It addresses the rights of both victims and offenders.