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  • International Conference on The Use of Special Investigation Techniques to Combat Terrorism and Other Forms of Serious Crime


    The conference aims to raise awareness of key decision makers on the use of special investigation techniques and to identify new developments in this area since the adoption of the 2005 Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of the CoE on “special investigation techniques” in relation to serious crimes including acts of terrorism.

  • Facebook sharing and safety tips


    Official Facebook information sheets provide useful advice on how to better share information about yourself and others and how to stay safe on Facebook and online

  • Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review (2012, 7th Edition)


    The 7th edition contains an updated review of the existing legislation focusing on child abuse offences in 196 countries and also includes several new sections: on online grooming, on the new EU Directive on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, a review of data retention and preservation policies, and a discussion of implementation.