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  • Campaign on promoting Police Inspectorate of Kosovo (PIK)

    Mission Activity

    The campaign promotes the new powers of the PIK to investigate criminal offences allegedly committed by police employees, the PIK portion in investigating disciplinary violations and inspection of police management areas. The overall purpose of the campaign is to promote the PIK as a civilian external oversight mechanism of the police, as well as to enhance the public confidence in the police.

  • Lesson 24: Criminal law study — Crime (J)

    Training Material

    Material for the 1 hour 20 minutes lesson, part of the Applicable Law in Kosovo training course, developed by the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo

  • Lesson 27: Basic management skills – Cultural impacts

    Training Material

    Material for 2-hour lesson, part of the Basic Management Skills course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and Police Inspectorate of Kosovo