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  • Interaction Between Journalists and Police Officers during Mass Events

    This guidebook is a result of joint work between Ukraine's Interior Ministry officers and media unions’ experts as part of a project implemented by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator. It includes recommendations on their co-operation during mass events, the rules of safe conduct and a detailed overview of the rights and responsibilities of both the police and journalists. It is not available in English.

  • Annual Report of the Secretary General on Police-Related Activities in 2012

    This report describes the police-related activities of the OSCE executive structures in compliance with the Ministerial and Permanent Council Decisions and Action Plans, listed in Appendix 3. The report provides information about the police-related activities of the TNTD/SPMU, other thematic units in the Secretariat, and the OSCE field operations. The HCNM and ODIHR Annual Reports on Police-Related Activities for 2012 are attached to this report in Appendix 1 and 2, respectively.

  • Advanced Training on Serial Number Restoration Techniques on Stolen Vehicle

    Material for 1-week course, developed by the OSCE Mission for training of Kosovo Agency on Forensic (KAF) officers

  • Criminal Intelligence and Ethics

    Material for a 5-day course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo with the assistance of the Turkish National Police Academy

  • Managing Complaints and Police Standards Training

    Material for a 5-day training course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo for Kosovo Police Service.