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Domain #06 Community Policing & Problem Solving


Material covering a 5-hour lesson developed by the OSCE Mission in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Includes trainer copy and student workbook.


If police know how they are viewed by the public, they will be more effective in any attempt to improve public perceptions. This domain will introduce some concepts that will improve relations between law enforcement and community members.

The purpose of this domain is to provide police officers the tools to promote positive interaction between police officers and members of the community.

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. Define "Community Oriented Policing" what the programs concerns are according to the philosophy as described in class.
  2. Demonstrate the six principles within the philosophy of "Community Oriented Policing" according to the information described in class.
  3. Demonstrate correct actions that will enhance community partnerships according to the "Community Policing" philosophy
  4. Demonstrate the correct skills to identify a problem in a "community" and apply the problem solving techniques based on the "SARA" model