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Domain #15 “Vehicle Search”


Material covering a 2-hour lesson developed by the OSCE Mission in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Includes trainer copy, student workbook and presentation.


Police spend a great deal of time “searching” for a variety of things, in a variety of places. Searching vehicles is no exception. It is common to use vehicles to transport a variety of illegal property, items and people. Because of this, it is critical officers know what hazards face them, how to enhance skills with a “system” of searching.

This domain will detail specific searching procedures and methods that will improve both the quality and effectiveness of searches, and at the same time increase the safety to the officers involved in the search.

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the first four steps, described in class in safely preparing for a vehicle search.
  2. Demonstrate a systematic approach to searching vehicles, including each of the common concealment areas described in class
  3. Demonstrate complete vehicle search techniques of both the interior and exterior of a vehicle, according to the guidelines presented in class.