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Domestic Violence – Train the Trainer Course


Materials for 3-day course (2 lessons), developed by the Police Development Unit of the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje.


The goal of the 3-day TTT course is to equip the course participants with all the necessary skills in order to develop and present effective training programs based upon the Domestic Violence Training Curriculum. This will involve familiarizing the participants with the content of the curriculum by requiring them to undertake practical presentations in their training teams based upon the goals and objectives of each lesson. The TTT course will also fo cus upon the principles of adult learning, the advantages and disadvantages of using particular training aids and classroom methods to enable 
participants to plan and undertake effective and successful lessons.

At the conclusion of this three (3) day train the trainer course the participants will be 
able to:

  • Demonstrate through the process of planning, design, preparation and presentation the necessary skills and methods required to organize and present effective and successful training instruction.
  • Define a learning goal and performance objective that will demonstrate a police officer's practical understanding of domestic violence identification.
  • Describe and successfully apply appropriate learning aids and teaching methods that are responsive to adult learning principals to ensure trainees can develop a practical understanding of the relevant performance objectives and lesson goals.