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About events registration

Registration to the events in POLIS is open to official representatives of law enforcement and other national institutions, international organizations and NGOs that have expertise in the respective field and are willing to actively contribute to an event. In some cases, an official invitation is a pre-condition to be accepted by the organizers.

If you are POLIS registered user, please sign in before continuing with registration. The personal data from your user profile will appear in the registration form automatically.

If you are not registered with POLIS, please click on the link below to register directly to this event. During the registration process you will also have a possibility to register with POLIS. We encourage you to do so to take the full advantage of the system.

Register for this event
Please note that your registration can be considered successful only upon receiving the confirmation e-mail informing that you have been accepted.

In some cases you might be requested to provide additional information to validate your registration.

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