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2017 OSCE-wide Conference on Combating the Threat of Illicit Drugs and the Diversion of Chemical Precursors entitled “Nexus between Illicit Drugs, Organized Crime and Terrorism”, Vienna, Austria

Illicit drugs and chemical precursors


The aim of the Conference is to provide a platform for experts from the OSCE participating States, OSCE Partners for Co-operation, OSCE executive structures, international organizations and civil society to discuss challenges posed by drug trafficking and its linkages with other forms of organized crime and terrorism, as well as to identify proposals to address these threats. In particular, participants will discuss drug prevention, and means and ways to tackle drug-related crimes, such as corruption, money-laundering, trafficking in persons and firearms, and terrorism, as the most challenging threats that require an increased co-ordinated response at regional and international levels.


The linkages between drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism are multi-fold and complex. Firstly, the large profits generated through illicit drug trade encourage “re-investment” into drug trafficking operations or are used to fund other illicit activities. In addition, drug trafficking has also provided funding for terrorist activities in various regions throughout the world. According to the UNODC and other researches, the Taliban receive payments from drug traffickers in Afghanistan in exchange for protecting them, and the Islamic State (IS) is profiting from the illicit trafficking in drugs, cultural property, oil and kidnapping for ransom.

Secondly, networks and logistical infrastructure established for illicit drug trafficking are used for the illicit trafficking of other commodities, including weapons, as well as human beings. Drugs and weapons have reportedly been smuggled together, and organized criminal groups (OCGs) have used the same routes, contacts, and logistical infrastructure for human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants as drug trafficking organizations. Moreover, the infrastructure has also been used by terrorist groups to procure and supply equipment used in terrorist attacks, as well as to facilitate the movement of group members. As OCGs are particularly active in trafficking drugs, weapons and people in the OSCE area, efforts are needed to develop a common strategic response to this problem based on the OSCE’s concept of comprehensive security and its commitments in all three OSCE dimensions.

This meeting is intended for experts from pertinent government ministries, such as ministries of Interior, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Health, as well as other drug control structures, representatives of OSCE Partners for Co-operation, OSCE field operations, international and regional organizations and civil society that are engaged in tackling the world drug problem.

All participants are kindly requested to fill in the attached registration form.


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12 Jun 2017
OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
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Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit, OSCE Chairmanship
Law enforcement officers, Experts, Delegations, International organizations
terrorism, organised crime