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Final report of the OSCE online expert forum series on terrorist use of the internet: Threats, responses and potential future endeavours


This report, prepared by the TNTD/ATU, contains background information and summaries of the duscussions, as well as key themes and recommendations.


In 2012, the OSCE Secretariat Transnational Threats Department/Action against Terrorism Unit (TNTD/ATU) organised four online expert forum discussions designed to reinvigorate and further stimulate information exchange on the latest trends and debates related to terrorist use of the Internet, pertinent challenges in responding to such threats as well as relevant good practices and policy options.

One key component of this initiative was to elaborate on options on how the OSCE could further complement international efforts in this field building on existing mandates. This has become of particular relevance now that participating States adopted Permanent Council Decision No. 1063 on an OSCE Consolidated Framework for the Fight Against Terrorism (December 2012), which lists countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes as a strategic focus area for OSCE counter-terrorism activities.