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Final report of the public opinion poll on evaluation of police-public partnership


This document covers the data obtained by the M-Info Marketing Company for the OSCE Office in Yerevan during the Public Opinion Poll on Evaluation of Police-Public Partnership in Yerevan and the data analysis. The document does not contain subjective opinion or judgments of the M-Info concerning the survey, it only represents the data of the survey and interpretation of those data on the basis of the methods of formal analysis.


Within the framework of the current assignment to the M-Info consultations were held with the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Office in Yerevan regarding various aspects of the research methodology, survey, interviewing, data collection and entry, statistical analysis, analytical reports and data representation in tables, charts and diagrams.

Taking into account the overall objective of the research, the following methodological approaches were considered:

  • Direct interviewing: the public opinion survey among the population in all districts of Yerevan, with the sample of 1282 interviewees;
  • Certain desk research at both preparatory and data analysis stages, in order to better structure and manage the survey and later compare with other data available on the research subject.
  • Study of the available reports, statistical resources (both official and independent), as well as data and information available in the ArmInfo News Agency database.

The M-Info applied direct face-to-face interviewing method among the sample of 1282 respondents. The main research instrument for the survey was a standardized questionnaire, which was jointly reviewed and approved by relevant counterparts of the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the Project Coordinator of the M-Info. The specific objectives of the Public opinion survey were:

  • Evaluate the Public opinion about the Police;
  • Identify the perceived shortcomings in the Police-Public relationship;
  • Identify the Public attitude towards the Police;
  • Reveal the efficiency of the Police work in Yerevan;
  • Determine the strong aspects of the Police activities that form its positive reputation;
  • Determine the weak points of the Police activities that form its negative reputation;
  • Define the priorities for the further improvement of the activities and reputation etc.

The survey covered all districts of Yerevan.