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Final report on the public opinion poll on evaluation of police-public partnership in the marzes of the Republic of Armenia

Evaluation, assessment
Community policing


The document covers the findings of the Public Opinion Poll for Evaluation of Police-Public Partnership in the Marzes of the Republic of Armenia conducted by the Proactive Society Human Rights NGO on the commission of the OSCE office in Yerevan. The Report does not reflect viewpoints and subjective evaluations of the Proactive Society Human Rights NGO, it is based solely on the findings of the Public Opinion Poll and their interpretations.

Community policing
Evaluation, assessment
police reform


The methodology of the survey, namely, the pilot public opinion poll, the actual public opinion poll, identification and computer processing of the obtained data, analysis of findings, representation of the findings in charts and
tables, was developed in close cooperation with the OSCE office in Yerevan.

As a result of the discussions, the following methodological approaches were considered:

  • Direct opinion poll, conducted among 3800 residents of all RA marzes. As it was agreed the opinion poll covered residents of two towns and two villages of each marz.
  • The survey methodology was meticulously elaborated to ensure the utmost effectiveness of both the
    survey and interpretation of the survey findings.
  • Reports and studies of independent researchers relevant to the field were examined.

During the public opinion poll, the method of direct interviews was applied and a questionnaire developed earlier
for a similar survey conducted in Yerevan was used. For the marz survey the questionnaire was somewhat
modified, the key questions, however, were left intact to ensure compatibility between the findings of the Yerevan
and marz surveys. 3800 marz residents of above 16 age groups were involved in the opinion poll.

The main objectives of the opinion poll were as follows:

  • evaluate the public opinion about the Police;
  • evaluate possible formats of Police-Public partnership;
  • evaluate public attitude towards the Police;
  • identify public perception of the efficiency of the Police work;
  • identify the areas of policing that are positively perceived by the Public;
  • identify the areas of policing that are negatively perceived by the Public;
  • identify the role of the mass media in shaping the Police-Public partnership;
  • define the possible changes that should urgently take place in the Police service. 


Added on
12 Apr 2017
OSCE Office in Yerevan, Armenia
police reform