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Financial Disruption of Terrorist Networks - Online Training Course for Albania

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During this 4-day course that is based on the UNODC Financial Disruption Workbook, participants learn to assess and disrupt terrorism by examining terrorist networks' “business model.” Techniques such as functional analysis, auditing and vulnerabilities analysis help participants from inter-agency teams understand which financial disruption option will help them to achieve the maximum impact with a minimum of resources and negative collateral risk.


This course aims:

  • To conduct functional analysis of the terrorist network/group
  • To identify financial assets and liabilities of the of the terrorist network/group
  • To understand 5 key elements of SWOT analysis
  • To identify the disruption methods of the illegal financial activities connected to initial “subjects”
  • To identify disruption methods of the terrorist network/group’s activities

Course objectives:

  • To conduct functional analysis independently
  • To be able to use the SWOT analysis method
  • To be able to use different disruption methods


  • Introduction
  • Financial Disruption
  • Functional analysis
  • Auditing of Terrorist Network
  • SWOT analysis
  • Initial Subject Nomination
  • Critical Information Requirements
  • Disruption Options